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What My Clients Say

Mary helped us secure credit when nobody else would even talk to us! One bad decision left me with a poor credit rating. Even though we have equity in our home, the bank & credit unions wouldn’t extend us any credit. Mary was encouraging, friendly, patient and found us a lender that extended us credit and would help repair my credit score. From now on Mary gets our business, I trust her with my finances. Thanks Mary!
Amy Taylor

Mary is an efficient and responsible person to work with and we are glad that we have her as our mortgage broker.
Xinmei Wang

Mary is absolutely excellent! She has taught me how to repair damaged credit as well as build up my score. Mary took so much time explaining to me what it takes to be approved for a mortgage and walked me through the process step by step. She is extremely patient and kind. I would highly recommend Mary!!!
Jennifer Garramone

Mary is so nice and really gives a 100% to her clients. I know because she did for me. Thanks a bunch Mary!
Carol Walker

As I posted under Visitor Posts, Mary is amazing and I highly recommend her. Patient, available and she ‘walked me through’ the daunting process. I highly recommend her.
Justine Barbier

Mary had fought to get us the best rate possible, saving us thousands of dollars. Both my husband and I are self-employed, making it a difficult for approval. We were quoted by the bank and other mortgage brokers at higher rates with larger down payments. Her dedication and knowledge can not be compared. She spent the time to answer all our questions and smooth over ANY uncertainties. Thank you Mary….Best experience
Monique Siozou